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Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before you SUBMIT your application. In submitting (making) this application you are certifying that you:

  • are the person with parental responsibility for the child and that the information given is true to the best of your knowledge and belief and made with the agreement of all people with parental responsibility for the child

  • have understood that the offer of a school place for your child may be withdrawn if you have given deliberately false or misleading information in this application or in any supporting documents, or you have withheld any relevant information

  • have read the information on our website and

  • have checked the admission arrangements for the schools you are applying for as well as the order in which you have listed them.

Please remember to send us:

  • Evidence to confirm that you live at the address given as your child's normal home address. This evidence should be a clear photocopy of a utility bill (gas or electricity) which is in your name, is no more than three months old, and shows current usage appropriate to your family.

    The evidence should be scanned and sent using our Address Evidence form. Alternatively, you may post it to The Admissions & Transport Team, County Hall, Aylesbury HP20 1UZ. Please ensure that your child's name and date of birth are clearly written on all documents you send us.

    The address given on your application must be a residential property that is your child’s only or main residence, not an address at which your child may sometimes stay or sleep due to your domestic arrangements. The property must be owned, leased or rented, by the child’s parent(s) or person with parental responsibility. Where a child has shared or joint residence, please see Section 8 of our website.

  • Supporting evidence if you are applying under an "exceptional needs" rule - This supporting evidence should be from an independent professional person (this might be a doctor, health visitor or Education Welfare Officer, for example) who knows about your situation and supports your case.

  • Evidence of the circumstances if you are applying under the ‘Looked After Child’ admission rule.

Supplementary forms and evidence of ‘Free School Meals’ & 'Pupil Premium' should be returned directly to the school concerned.