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If you have not used the Application Portal in the last year, you need to register in order to apply for a school place for your child. Here you will need to enter the information required for the registration process.

Moving up to Secondary School or Starting School/Moving up to Junior School in September 2020

You should only register if Buckinghamshire is your child’s Home LA – you pay your council tax to Aylesbury Vale, Chiltern & South Bucks or Wycombe District Councils.

If you are not sure whether we are your child’s Home LA, before you register and then make your application you can check by entering your postcode here

If you are currently living overseas and will be returning to Buckinghamshire by September 2020, you may also apply using the Application Portal.

Late Transfer to Grammar School – Years 8 & 9 in September 2020

You may register and apply using the Application Portal no matter where you live.

Please note: As you have given us your email address, this will be our preferred means of contact with you.

Your registration was not successful. Please correct the error(s) below before proceeding

To find your home address please enter your postcode and then go to 'Find Address'. If your address is not listed, go to ‘Enter Address Manually’ and type the full postal address in the boxes provided.

 Use Another Address

Please supply a daytime telephone number where you can be contacted, if necessary.